ESU 10 Leadership Learning Network  

ESU 10 Leadership Learning Network

The ESU 10 Leadership Network is off to a successful start. There are four Leadership Network Triads participating in the network this year. Each triad consists of three school principals and two ESU 10 staff. Network participants attended two days of initial training facilitated by Dr. David Lorden, former principal, superintendent and current educational administration faculty at San Diego State University. After attending training on August 30-31, 2021, Leadership Network Triads have transitioned to participating in learning walks on-site at school districts.

Each triad administrator developed a problem statement and problem of practice that they are investigating and taking action on in their school district. During learning walks, the host principal defines their problem of practice and provides guiding questions for the triad to focus on while visiting the school. Triad participants observe classrooms looking for evidence centered around the principal’s guiding questions. After classroom observations are complete, the triad reconvenes to discuss strengths, wonderings and observed patterns and trends directly related to the problem of practice. The team provides feedback and helps the host principal develop high leverage leadership actions to implement.

ESU 10 Leadership Learning Network Triads will participate in learning walks at each school district two times throughout the 2021-2022 school year. ESU 10 staff serve as coaches and facilitators to assist principals in developing their problem of practice, collecting and analyzing data, preparing for the learning walks and implementing their leadership actions. Our staff will also be monitoring implementation throughout the year to evaluate the network. Initial feedback from triad administrators and ESU 10 staff indicate that the Leadership Network is off to an outstanding start. We look forward to continuing to learn and grow with triad administrators this year.

ESU 10 Leadership Network Triads 2021-2022

Triad 1 Triad 1 - Left to Right: Kelly Klanecky, Elementary Principal, Wood River Public Schools; Jenny True, Emerson Elementary Principal, Kearney Public Schools; Jeff Janda, ESU 10 T&L Coordinator; Jason Calahan, Buffalo Hills Elementary Principal, Kearney Public Schools; Claudine Kennicutt, ESU 10 T&L Coordinator

Triad 2 Triad 2 - Left to Right: Tracy Schall, Glenwood Elementary Principal, Kearney Public Schools; Chance Waggoner, Park Elementary Principal, Kearney Public Schools, Terah Williams, Elementary Principal, Elm Creek Public Schools, Dr. Melissa Wheelock, ESU 10 Administrator; Hillary Bentley, ESU 10 T&L Coordinator

Triad 3 Triad 3 - Left to Right: Kelly Clapp, ESU 10 T&L Coordinator; Kyle Drake, Elementary Principal, Burwell Public Schools; Aaron Snyder, High School Principal, Ord Public Schools; Sarah Nordhues, K-8 Principal, Riverside Public Schools; Amy Walters, ESU 10 MTSS Facilitator

Triad 4 Triad 4 - Left to Right: Denise O’Brien, ESU 10 Director of Teaching and Learning; Cory Spotanski, High School Principal, Elm Creek Public Schools; Cory Bohling, High School Principal, Centura Public Schools; Stuart Lenz, High School Principal, Wood River Public Schools; Dr. David Lorden, San Diego State University.

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