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Support Services

2022-2023 Tech Support Costs

Per Incident/Per Piece $85 Per Incident, Per Hour
25 Hours and Over $80/Hour $2,000
50 Hours and Over $75/Hour $3,750
100 Hours and Over $70/Hour $7,000
200 Hours and Over $65/Hour $13,000

NON-ESU 10 Service & Support Costs
Per Incident/Per Piece $85/Hour
25 Hours and Over $85/Hour $2,125
50 Hours and Over $80/Hour $4,000
100 Hours and Over $75/Hour $7,500
200 Hours and Over $70/Hour $14,000


E-Rate Support is part of ESU 10 Managed Services and focuses on assisting schools with completing the processes required by the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) for discounts on telecommunication services. These requirements include filing numerous reports, getting bids or requests for proposals, and completing online requests to receive calculated discounts for eligible services. Most schools will receive between 50% and 90% discounts if the process is completed properly and the applications for discounts are approved.

Network Support

Our Helpdesk Staff provides technical support, design, configuration and installation of systems, networks and other equipment. Technology staff are available to help with technology planning and consulting, hardware/software installation and configuration support, and for maintenance issues. The technical support staff also provide hosted and/or on-site technical training needed to help district staff meet the demanding needs of a technology-enriched educational environment.

Basic services that all member school receive include:

  • Public IP Address allocations
  • Domain Name Service (DNS) hosting
  • Network infrastructure planning
  • E-rate consulting
  • Off-site directory replication hosting
  • Single Sign-on and Identity Management services
  • User account hosting and management tools
  • Research and development for school technology

Advanced services are offered on a per hour basis or through contracted time and may include:
  • Windows domain and related services, client and server planning, configuration, and troubleshooting
  • Macintosh client configuration and troubleshooting
  • Creation and distribution of client images (Mac/Win)
  • Cross-Platform (Mac/Win/Chromebook) planning, configuration, and troubleshooting
  • Wired/Wireless network planning, installation, configuration, and troubleshooting (including wireless heat maps)
  • Outdoor wireless connections to remote buildings
*Technical services are also available via on-site visits from the ESU 10 Helpdesk staff. We offer custom training designed for the district and educational settings covering Windows servers and Active Directory management using Goggle Admin, as well as various ad hoc trainings that are delivered online. Workshops hosted at ESU 10 or via webinars are available on ODIE.

PowerSchool Support

PowerSchool is one of Nebraska’s most used Student Information Systems (SIS). This system helps schools and districts efficiently manage instruction, learning, grading, attendance, assessment, state reporting, and special education. PowerSchool consists of 3 portals: administrative, teacher, and public (parents and students) encouraging all pillars of a student’s education to be actively involved.

ESU 10 offers PowerSchool trainings that focus on scheduling, seasonal reporting and end of year process that can help districts meet required deadlines efficiently.

Support includes:

  • Training and workshops for staff, teachers, and administrators
  • Remote and phone support for SIS related questions and issues
  • Assistance with state and federal reports (ADVISER, CRDC, CDC)
  • Assist with report creation and basic customizations
  • Up to three (3) on-site school visits for training or support
  • Support for consortium negotiated optional services and licensing

Other services include PowerSchool Server Hosting and group software licensing for Marcia Brenner Associates' Custom Alerts Plugin and AccelaSchool's Ecollect Adaptive Data Management System.

For more information please visit our PowerSchool website or contact:

Ellie Schroeder

Application Support Specialist

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Wayne Wiens

Application Support Specialist

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Repair Services

Computer Audio-Visual Repair Service

Our Computer Audio-Visual (CAV) Service Center provides repair and diagnostic service on many types of computers, audio, and video equipment. As an Authorized Apple Service Center, Educational Service Unit 10 is able to perform warranty service on Macintosh computers in addition to other PC brands.

Training on preventive maintenance of equipment for school personnel or technical consultations can be scheduled at Educational Service Unit 10 or at your local district.