Susan Evans  

Susan Evans Susan Evans has served ESU10 as a Teaching and Learning Coordinator for “14 glorious years” as she puts it. If you know Susan, you quickly recognize that she has a great sense-of-humor and is a dedicated educator for literacy – so much so that she won the LETRS Literacy Champion award earlier this year.

Susan deserves even more celebrating as she has chosen to retire at the end of her current contract (June 2021). When Susan was asked what she plans to do in her retirement, she said,

“I hope to do some traveling. I want to see the east coast during the fall, I want to go to Maine, and Wade and I would love to go to Wales and visit some cemeteries. I will be a National LETRS independent contractor but only part-time. I will spend time outdoors as much as the weather allows.”

Relieved to know that she will continue to lead and inspire others to help students improve their literacy, we feel better about seeing her off to new adventures.

Speaking of adventures, Susan was asked what some of her fondest memories about working for ESU10, she wrote,

“The opportunities for travel with my colleagues have been fodder for many memories, some of which I can talk about and some of which shall ever remain unspoken. (That is a joke, I can talk about everything.) I will never forget seeing Denise standing, soaking wet with only one oar, on the beach during our kayaking expedition with the most terrified and forlorn look on her face. We were able to get her dried off, but we never got her back in a kayak. There are so many of those times that stand out in my memory because of the wonderful people I worked with through the years.”

The bonds and memories are definitely strong. One can see it in meetings, workshops, etc. She is not just a champion in literacy, but as a peer, mentor, and friend.

One of Susan’s peers and close co-workers wrote,

“Susan Evans is an amazing person and professional. Throughout her 14 years at ESU 10 she has provided our schools with invaluable support in literacy, instructional strategies, youth mental health, and continuous school improvement, just to name a few. Susan is one of the most well-read professionals I have ever known. She continually seeks out the latest in research so she can share her learning with her fellow educators. I have the utmost respect and admiration for Susan because of her extensive knowledge and expertise, but most importantly, her genuine kindness and concern for each person she interacts with. It is an honor for me to have gotten to know Susan as a colleague and friend. I wish her all the best as she continues to invest in the development of educators as a LETRS Certified Trainer and find time to enjoy with her beautiful family.” -Kelly Clapp

When asked about her successes, Susan quickly sheds the spotlight by saying,

“This question asks what is my biggest success? I would like to rephrase this as what is OUR biggest success. Nothing I have ever done was done alone. I have had the opportunity to work with others who bring out the best in each other. (However, none of them could make me into a data loving numerophile.) I so enjoyed the Title I group, the Instruction Coaches Cadre, and all the teachers of literacy. My heart and mind (what's left of it) is dedicated to the promotion of knowledge that will accelerate the movement toward reading instruction rooted in science. The Academic Literacy Project and LETRS training and the reading classes taught through the ESU are some successes we can claim.”

She is humble but recognizes that it does take a village to succeed. She promotes teamwork!

Susan’s dedication is portrayed the best in her own words:

“It is such an honor to work at ESU10. The educators across our region and the ESU10 staff are indefatigable in their dedication to our profession and the students we serve. I know that I received more from all of you than I could ever return. I leave here in June knowing that the T&L team will carry on with wonderful, capable new members as well as the seasoned veterans; working hard to provide the best professional learning opportunities for our schools. My respect for ESU 10 will never falter and I will be your best cheerleader wherever I go. Thank you for everything!”

Susan, you will be missed! ESU10 wants to wish you the best in your retirement. Thank you for your dedicated years of service and commitment to education.

- Chris Struebing
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