A Message From Dr. Wheelock  

A Message From Dr. Wheelock As I write this, I find it hard to believe that 2019 is quickly approaching. Time seems to fly by as we are working together to best meet the needs of our students. As we reflect on our first semester, many people use this time to develop resolutions for the upcoming new year.

Jon Gordon has shared that nine out of ten people will fail with their newly designed resolutions, however one practice seems to work. That practice is to pick one word that helps define your yearly chapter in your life story. You do not determine a goal or a resolution.  You pick one word to define what your new year will be focused on.

When I think of ESU 10’s mission “to partner with stakeholders to meet changing needs through professional expertise in providing services, learning opportunities, and support,” our one word for 2019 is SERVICE. Our focus is on SERVING you!

As a result, we will soon be setting appointments for our annual ESU 10 school visits.  These visits are designed to reach out to you to find ways we can best meet your district’s needs. Soon superintendents will have an opportunity to schedule a time with us to reflect, plan, and develop our SERVICE plan for the future. When we work together as a team, we can maximize outstanding educational opportunities for our students.  

My own personal word for 2019 is GRATITUDE. Research has showcased that grateful people are happier and less stressed. I am GRATEFUL to have the opportunity to work with our staff members, board members, and school districts for the benefit of our greatest asset:  our children. I have never taken for the granted the wonderful I opportunity I have to SERVE in  my capacity, and I am GRATEFUL for it.  GO 10!
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