Regional Science Olympiad 2018  

Regional Science Olympiad 2018

On March 20, 2018 we had 525 competing students from 24 Nebraska schools attend the Regional Science Olympiad competition held at the University of Nebraska, Kearney. Students competed in active, hands-on group events that range from mystery architecture to mousetrap vehicle to forensics – all of which tests the students’ science knowledge and engineering skills. Science Olympiad gives students the opportunity to do something other than sports that can really showcase the academics and the ability to critically think. Science Olympiad is like a track meet for science students. We want to develop students critical thinking, problem solving and ability to collaborate in an environment similar to what it would be like in the real world. Experiences that would correlate into college and career. During an interview with NTV Ravenna science teacher Stephanie Rodenborg explained, “It’s the critical thinking skills that’s what the world is going to today. Being able to think on your feet and be able to solve a problem. Competitions like this is what has them practice these skills and be able to do these skills so they are prepared for later in life”.

Participating schools from Middle School and Senior High levels include Adam Central, Alma, Arapahoe, Arcadia, Brady, Cambridge, Central Valley, Centura, Elba, Elm Creek, Gibbon, Grand Island Northwest, Gothenburg, Loup City, Ogallala, Ord, Overton, Paxton, Ravenna, Riverside, SEM, Hastings St. Cecilia, St. Paul, and York. 

The Kearney Hub attended our event and wrote a great article highlighting the event. You can find the article at: You can also see the 2018 ESU 10 Science Olympiad photo gallery at:

-by Dianah Steinbrink, Teaching & Learning Coordinator

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