SIMPL: Service Implementation Model & Process Log  

SIMPL: Service Implementation Model & Process Log

Nebraska Educational Service Units provide a multitude of services for the almost 300 public schools across the state, as well as the many parochial and residential schools! The ESUs, under the guidance of the ESUCC (Coordinating Council), have been using an online system to track service and implementation for the last five years. This system is called SIMPL, or Service Implementation Model and Process Log. The ultimate goal of using this system is to support schools with their continuous improvement process.

The graphic below summarizes the top services that ESU 10 provided our districts in the 2021-22 school year, according to hours of service logged into the SIMPL system.

Anyone can access the SIMPL site at and see public facing information for the current school year. When one visits the site they will see a main page that displays a summary of the totals for services provided by all ESUs, such as the number of hours of services or the number of participants receiving them. It is then possible to filter by ESU or by district if more specific data is needed. It is a very useful visualization of the services and time that ESU staff members can log into SIMPL and access more information, including past school years’ data. They also have the ability to generate reports or log service activities. These features are available for ESU staff when they are logged into the system.

According to our logged activities from last school year, we had 15,352 participants who received our services and we logged 20,416 hours of service in 54 service categories!

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