T&L Leadership Network Update  

T&L Leadership Network Update

All four of ESU 10’s Leadership Network Triads came to the service unit on April 26, 2022 for a final day of training. Dr. David Lorden returned from San Diego, California to discuss next steps in the network process. He facilitated a day of reflection, celebration, and planning.

Network participants took time reflecting on the Five Types of Leadership Thinking: Systems, Data & Design, Climate & Culture, Learnership, & Operational throughout the session. We revisited each problem of practice and administrators built theories of action to continue progress in their buildings. Participants discussed next steps and completed an evaluation of the network. Several of the administrators plan to continue participating in the Leadership Network next year.

Our planning team has also been recruiting administrators to participate in a new cohort beginning August 30-31, 2022. To market the Leadership Network, we asked current participants to share a testimonial about their involvement and experiences. Jason Everett, ESU 10 Digital Learning Coordinator, compiled some of the participant responses into a video. The video was shared with ESU 10 superintendents and principals.

Click here to watch the video.

We hosted an informational Zoom meeting on April 7, 2022. We are happy to report that 27 administrators attended the session to learn more about the network. At this time, we have eleven new administrators that have committed to participating in a leadership triad. On May 9, 2022 our planning team will review the 2021-2022 participant feedback and begin planning for the new cohort.

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