Academic Quiz Bowl Competitions  

Academic Quiz Bowl Competitions

With Spring comes a flurry of ESU 10 sponsored student events and competitions! From Science Olympiad, to Academic Quiz Bowl and STEMfest, there are plenty of opportunities for students to explore Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math as well as test their trivia skills. The T&L Department coordinates each of the student events and I am personally responsible for the coordination of the Academic Quiz Bowl Competitions. As an ESU 10 Board member I thought you may be interested in knowing how we serve schools through the Academic Quiz Bowl events.

On March 23rd, we will host the 32nd annual Academic Quiz Bowl Competition for 9th-12th graders from participating ESU 10 schools. We also host a 6th-8th grade event on March 6th (28th year). Both events are held at the Nebraskan Student Union on UNK’s campus and coordinated by ESU 10 staff from the T&L and NIS Departments. The winner and runner-up of the 9-12 competition moves on to the State Academic Quiz Bowl in Hastings on April 26th.

robot ESU 10 staff serve as moderators, procedural judges, content judges, timekeepers, and scorekeepers. We also have staff on hand for registration, coordination of the events, and a photographer. In all, it takes 18 staff members to pull off each event that has a potential of 30+ schools participating. Academic Quiz Bowl days are a fun way for our staff to work directly with students and their coaches.

Each ESU 10 district is allowed to bring one team consisting of six players--a captain and five other members. Alternate players can rotate in at the beginning of each round, but not during the round. There is no limit to the number of alternates a district brings. Points are scored by correct answers to questions. Each question has a pre-stated value. The questions range from the trivial to the profound and cover all areas of academic knowledge within the following categories:

  • Social Studies - American and World History, Government, Geography, Sociology, Psychology
  • Language Arts - English (Spelling), Literature, Grammar, Vocabulary
  • Science - Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science, Geology, and Astronomy
  • Mathematics - Formulas, Terms, Time, Geometry, Square & Cubes, Algebra, Measurement, Computers
  • Fine Arts - Music and Art
  • Current Events - To present

Spectators are permitted. If you happen to be in town on March 6th or March 23rd you are welcome to join us. Prepare to be amazed by the extraordinary students who participate in these events!

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