ESU10's New Staff

ESU10's New Staff  

September 02, 2021

ESU 10 strives to attract and maintain high quality individuals to best serve our stakeholders. Our goal is to meet the ever-changing needs of our schools by listening to the challenges they have. The following individuals will help us continue to deliver and improve our services in their areas of expertise.



Amy Walters
MTSS Facilitator



Libbie Puncochar
Early Childhood MTSS Regional Facilitator





 Kris Kampovitz
NeMTSS Regional

Macey Kohls
School Psychologist

Haley Gracey
Speech Language Pathologist


Adrienne Haubold
Speech Language Pathologist

Traci Hastings
Licensed Mental Health Practitioner





Ashley Schroeder
Licensed Mental Health Practitioner


Megan Dahlke
Licensed Mental Health Practitione




Blair Hartman
Transition Coordinator

Chelsi Teel
NIS Financial Office Associate



Sarah Haahr
ASD Behavior Specialist




Amy Sjoholm
Early Learning Connection Coach Consultant