ELA Materials Planning, Pacing, and Standards (CKLA), Day 2  

This is the second of a two-day series. The first day is July 11, 2024. If you cannot attend both days, please email us so we can keep you updated.


Join the ESU 10 ELA team to begin planning for the next steps in implementation of your CKLA materials. Participants will continue work on setting Expectations of Use, and aligning school calendars with the pacing set by the CKLA. Work time will be provided for school teams to make progress on their Pacing Guides and Expectation of Use documents.


Lunch will not be offered for this workshop; a lunch break will be scheduled.

Teachers from schools using CKLA will be eligible for $150 contracted services pay from the NE IMPD grant. Participants must attend the entire day of training from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. to receive contracted service pay through Title IIA or the NE IMPD grant.

This workshop will be offered in a hybrid setting. Participants are able to participate virtually through Zoom. In order to receive contracted services pay, virtual participants must adhere to the expectations of Zoom participation, which include turning cameras on for the training, being in front of the camera for the entirety of the training (9 a.m. - 3 p.m.) with the exception of lunch and scheduled breaks, and being an active participant through chat and breakout room discussions.

Contracted service pay using the NE IMPD grant will be limited to the first 17 people who register that are using a CKLA material and are not Title IIA. Teachers from Title IIA schools will receive contracted service pay through the Title IIA grant. If the NE IMPD grant has the maximum number of participants registered, other CKLA participants that are not Title IIA will not receive contracted service pay unless there are cancellations which allow for spots to open back up.

Teams which do not use CKLA are welcome to attend, but the focus of the day will be on supporting schools using CKLA as this workshop is sponsored by a grant geared toward supporting use of Amplify resources.

Sarah Essay, Claudine Kennicutt, Dallas Lewandowski, Heather Stukey
ESU 10 Kearney NE - Conference Room C - North Wing
August 01, 2024      9:00 AM       3:00 PM  
One year of CKLA implementation at your district site preferred
PK-6 users of CKLA
Yes, this section can be taken via distance learning.
No, lunch is NOT provided.
No, student support is NOT enabled for this section.
No, this section can NOT be taken for college credit.

Teachers from schools using CKLA that are not Title IIA will receive $150 contracted services pay up to 17 registered participants from the NE IMPD Grant.

Title IIA Consortium Schools will receive $150 contracted services pay for each eligible teacher.

Note:  Subject to change based on available funds.

Registration deadline is one week prior to workshop.  Cancellations not received 2 business days in advance will be billed the workshop fee.