Toolkit for the Educational Identification of Autism-VIRTUAL   

This virtual workshop will examine/review overall assessments of ASD, as well as assessments in the three core areas affected by ASD-communication, social, and behavior/executive functioning. This includes assessments that may be used to determine eligibility for birth to three years old for Part C services, and 3-21 year olds, for special education services with the autism disability category.

Utilizing the individualized intensive supports covered in this training could be a NeMTSS Tier 3 intervention. For more information on NeMTSS visit

Presenter(s):  Angie Jacobsen, Jamie Lewis, & Meggin Funk

Registration deadline is _January 3, 2024 prior or when registration is at capacity.
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Angie Jacobsen, Jamie Lewis
January 10, 2024      8:30 AM       3:30 PM  
Team members (ECSE, SLP, Psychologist, special education teachers, occupational therapists who participate in the evaluation of individuals to consider eligibility for identification of a child, birth-21 in the category of autism.
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