Elementary Science Olympiad  

The Elementary Science Olympiad (ESO) is the perfect complement to any 4th-6th grade science program.  ESO events take advantage of the natural curiosity of each child, and allow for in-depth hands-on experiences.
No prep for the events is necessary.  If you attended previously please give new students the opportunity to participate (some events will be repeats).

Each school building can bring up to 6 students (they will work in pairs).  Spaces are limited and available on a first come, first served basis. 

Dianah Steinbrink
ESU 10 Kearney NE - Conference Room B - North Wing
December 06, 2023      9:00 AM       2:30 PM  
4th-6th grade students
No, this section can NOT be taken via distance learning.
Yes, lunch is provided.
No, student support is NOT enabled for this section.
No, this section can NOT be taken for college credit.
Registration deadline is two weeks prior to workshop.  Cancellations not received 2 business days in advance will be billed the workshop fee.