Enhancing Instruction to Support Grade Level Learning  

All 3rd-12th grade educators are invited to join us as we work toward enhancing instruction to support grade-level learning.  During this 5-day workshop, we will analyze the rigor of grade-level standards and explore curriculum-planning resources. By exploring the standards for their grade-level and content area, participants will internalize the conditions for success they set for all students within their curriculum.
Participants will also:
    -deepen understanding of grade-level standards and curriculum
    -strengthen their current practices by evaluating for rigor based on students' developmental and grade-level needs
    -explore the four core resources from The Opportunity Myth needed to strengthen student learning
    -examine best practices that lead to deep engagement
    -develop just-in-time supports to meet student needs
College credit is pending approval. This workshop will be offered in person and via Zoom. Zoom accommodations will be made as much as possible; however, for the most collaborative, interactive, and engaging environment, we recommend in-person attendance. If you are planning a partial Zoom and partial in-person attendance, please communicate with Dianah or Sarah directly.

Sarah Essay, Dianah Steinbrink
ESU 10 Kearney NE - Conference Room B - North Wing
July 19, 2023      8:30 AM       4:00 PM  
July 20, 2023      8:30 AM       4:00 PM  
July 21, 2023      8:30 AM       4:00 PM  
July 24, 2023      8:30 AM       4:00 PM  
July 25, 2023      8:30 AM       4:00 PM  
3rd-12th Grade Educators
Yes, this section can be taken via distance learning.
Yes, lunch is provided.
No, student support is NOT enabled for this section.
Yes, this section can be taken for college credit.
Title IIA Consortium teachers are eligible to receive $150 contracted services pay per day to attend.
Note:  Subject to change based on available funds.