A.P.L. Instructional Strategies & Management  

Participants will be trained in instructional objectives, anticipatory set, closure, intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, success ladder, covert and overt active participation, managing student behavior, action plan, management strategies, maximum concept, classroom conditions, teaching episode, feeling tone, level of concern, reinforcers, interest, practice, time and quantity, knowledge of results, and modeling.
These instructional skills and strategies will help educators become proficient in classroom management. Participants will recognize the significance of inquiry for lifelong learning. Reflection on the application of strategies will facilitate learning and increase quality classroom management skills.

Dallas Lewandowski
ESU 10 Kearney NE - Conference Rooms B & C - North Wing
November 29, 2022      8:30 AM       2:30 PM  
November 30, 2022      8:30 AM       2:30 PM  
January 24, 2023      8:30 AM       2:30 PM  
January 25, 2023      8:30 AM       2:30 PM  
K-12 Teachers & Administrators
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