Academic Literacy Project 2.0 Day 3  

This is a 3 Day Series.  Register for each day separately.
September 20, 2022, -Keynote + Engagement + Learning Walks/Collective Efficacy
November 10, 2022, -Vocab/Comprehension Part 1
February 1, 2023, -Comprehension Part 2 + Text Discussion

Dr. Nancy Frey will provide a keynote address (via Zoom) focused on literacy across all grades and content areas.

ESU 10 Teaching & Learning staff will model strategies and share examples of how teachers are increasing student comprehension in content area reading.  There will be strategies modeled and shared that will increase opportunities for teachers to involve students in text discussion.

Academic Literacy Project goals are to become familiar with and implement research-based literacy strategies that will increase student achievement for all learners. The 3-day training will be based on the following research-based recommendations:

Provide explicit vocabulary instruction
Provide direct and explicit comprehension strategy instruction 
Provide opportunities for extended oral language opportunities
Increase student motivation and engagement in literacy learning
Sarah Essay, Claudine Kennicutt, Denise O'Brien, Theresa Ritta-Olson
ESU 10 Kearney NE - Conference Rooms B & C - North Wing
February 01, 2023      9:00 AM       3:00 PM  
4-12 Teachers and Administrators
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Title IIA and Title IVA consortium school districts are eligible to receive $125 substitute reimbursement for each teacher in attendance. School districts must have hired a substitute teacher to be eligible for this reimbursement. 
Note: Subject to change based on available funds.