The Three R’s of Effective Instruction ~ June 22, 2020 (5 days)

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DepartmentESU 10 - T&L
Primary ContactJeff Janda
DescriptionThis course focuses on research-based, real-world strategies that help establish a classroom culture where students feel valued and can thrive.  It stresses three main areas that teachers can intentionally address to set students up for success.  These areas are Relationships, Relevance, and Responsibility.  Each of these themes has several mini-lessons that give teachers background, rationale, and strategies to build this part of our teaching.  The goal for this class is to not just provide teachers with what the experts say are good educational practices, but to practice them, learn from each other, and walk out of the door at the end of the week with a toolbox of strategies to apply the first day back to school.
Course Objectives:
-Teachers will develop an appreciation of the advantages of cultivating a caring and productive relationship with students on an individual and class-wide level
-Teachers will learn, explore and demonstrate techniques to achieve those relationships
-Teachers will learn and practice classroom management strategies that build trust in the student-teacher relationship
-Teachers will develop an appreciation of the advantages of connecting curriculum to the daily lives and interests of the students
-Teachers will study student motivation and techniques for promoting it
-Teachers will learn and practice shared decision-making and structured choice techniques
-Teachers will learn, explore and share techniques for differentiation within the classroom
-Teachers will reflect on the professional responsibility we have as educators and the profound impact we have on students
-Teachers will explore and share effective instructional practices
-Teachers will explore and share a variety of ways to use both formative and summative assessment practices
-Teachers will explore ways to encourage growth and reflection through goal setting and self-assessment

LocationESU 10 Kearney NE - Conference Room B - North Wing
Section Date(s)
June 22, 2020      8:00 AM       5:00 PM  
June 23, 2020      8:00 AM       5:00 PM  
June 24, 2020      8:00 AM       5:00 PM  
June 25, 2020      8:00 AM       5:00 PM  
June 26, 2020      8:00 AM       5:00 PM  
AudiencePK-12 Educators
Distance LearningNo, this section can NOT be taken via distance learning.
LunchYes, lunch is provided.
StudentsNo, student support is NOT enabled for this section.
Extra CreditYes, this section can be taken for college credit.
CommentsIf taking for college credit from Hastings College there will be an additional tuition cost of $630