Assessment Practices to Enhance Teaching & Learning ~ September 21, 2017 (8 days)

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DepartmentESU 10 - T&L
Primary ContactDenise O'Brien
Facilitator(s)Susan Evans

This 3 hour graduate course will consist of 7 Thursday and 1 Monday evening sessions starting September 21, 2017.  The dates are listed below.

This course is a structured study of the assessment practices that impact student learning.  These strategies are presented in the book Seven Strategies of Assessment for Learning (Jan Chappuis, 2015).  Using the chapters of the book as a framework, participants will be challenged to consider the what, why, and how of using well-planned, research-supported classroom assessment practices that improve student motivation and achievement.  Throughout the course, participants will work in learning teams to discuss concepts in the text, to share what they tried in the classroom, and to create further applications suited to the needs of their students.  

Course Objectives:
The participants will know how to:
   *  Provide students with a clear and understandable vision of the intended learning.
   *  Use examples and models of strong and weak work to strengthen students’  understanding of the assessment practices.
   *  Offer effective feedback focused on the intended learning.
   *  Teach students to self-assess and set specific and challenging goals for further learning.
   *  Design practice lessons that focus on one learning target or aspect of quality at a time.
   *  Offer opportunities for focused revision.
   *  Engage students in keeping track of, reflecting on, and sharing their learning.

LocationFlexible Classroom
Section Date(s)
September 21, 2017      5:00 PM       9:00 PM  
September 28, 2017      5:00 PM       9:00 PM  
October 12, 2017      5:00 PM       9:00 PM  
October 19, 2017      5:00 PM       9:00 PM  
October 26, 2017      5:00 PM       9:00 PM  
November 06, 2017      5:00 PM       9:00 PM  
November 16, 2017      5:00 PM       9:00 PM  
December 04, 2017      5:00 PM       9:00 PM  
AudienceK-12 Grade Teachers and Administrators
Distance LearningNo, this section can NOT be taken via distance learning.
LunchNo, lunch is NOT provided.
StudentsNo, student support is NOT enabled for this section.
Extra CreditYes, this section can be taken for college credit.
CommentsCollege credit is available through Hastings College. Participants must attend all 8 evening sessions. There will be tuition costs of $570.00 (subject to change) for 3 credit hours and the course number to be determined.  Forms will be filled out the first evening of class.

ESU 10 Title II-A School teachers will receive a total of  $500 contracted services pay for attending all 8 class sessions.

Distance learning is an option for this course. Please contact Denise O’Brien, with questions.