Staff Evaluation Tool  

Feedback is a necessary component for students. However, it is even more vital for staff and teachers in order for a growth mindset. ESU 10 is offering their Staff Evaluation Tool web application to districts. It is a secure way to have data in one place with interaction for both the administrator and the teacher or staff member.

The Evaluation Tool can be enabled for each "evaluator" or supervisor within the district and training will be provided for those new to using the tool.  The flexibility of the system allows the district's current evaluation rubric to be migrated into the tool. ESU 10 will provide staff to assist with that importing process.

Ongoing support for the evaluators may include the phone, video conferencing, webinars or other collaborative methods as the needs of the user(s) are determined.

The support agreement can be found within our consolidated technical support service agreement or separately here - 2019-20 Staff Evaluation Tool Agreement for ESU 10 Member Schools