Technology Integration Support

Technology Integration Support  

The Teaching and Learning Department at ESU 10 is committed to helping districts with technology integration. T&L staff members offer learning opportunities that focus on technologies which improve student engagement and learning, enhance curriculum, increase productivity, and promote digital citizenship. Educational technology workshops are available at ESU 10 or can be held at school districts upon request. T&L staff are available to visit school districts to assist in the area of technology planning as it relates to the School Improvement Process. 

Workshop/Training include three categories of training:
  • EdTech Breakouts (Conference style summer workshop including many technology breakout sessions.)
  • EdTech Personalized (Training personalized for the individual teacher.)
  • EdTech @ your Doorstep (District on-site training.)


Topics that may be included in any of the categories:
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Google Suite (Google Apps for Education)
  • Learning Management Systems (Schoology, Canvas, Google Classroom)
  • Teaching in a Digital World
  • Technology Integration Specialist Support
  • Blended/Personalized Learning Training and Support
  • Copyright and Fair Use
  • Open Education Resources
  • And many, many others upon request…


EdTech Team:
  • Jason Everett -, @jason_everett, 308-698-1979
  • Sarah Essay @Sarah_Essay, 308-698-1966
  • Peg Coover @MrsCoover, 308-698-1998
  • Dianah Steinbrink @steinbrinkesu10, 308-698-1934