• Curriculum
  • Career & Technical Ed. Consortium (CTE)


ESU 10 staff can provide the following supports:

  • Overview of curriculum design process
  • Work with individual teachers during planning periods to provide technical assistance
  • Facilitate customization of units
  • Digital templates to support curriculum mapping, pacing guides, and alignment to standards
  • Other support as requested

Curriculum work that will truly improve student learning takes time. We recommend:

  • Allocating ample time for training and teacher work time, both in the summer and at least quarterly throughout the school year
  • Tackling each component in small, manageable pieces with sufficient work time to complete each step before moving on to the next
  • Connect curriculum to current district initiatives (i.e. Adolescent Literacy project, 1-to-1)

For more information contact:

Dianah Steinbrink

Teaching & Learning Coordinator

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Sarah Essay

Teaching & Learning Coordinator

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Jeff Janda

Teaching & Learning Coordinator

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Career & Technical Ed. Consortium (CTE)

In fulfillment of the requirements of the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Improvement Act of 2006 P. L. 109-27, ESU 10 serves as the fiscal and administrative agency for the Carl Perkins Career and Technical Education Consortium.

The ESU 10 Perkins Consortium is comprised of 29 member school districts. A Consortium member is defined as an ESU 10 school district offering at least one State model program of study for students in grades 9-12 and receiving a Federal Perkins funding allocation of less than $15,000. The Consortium budget is comprised of member schools’ allocations. Consortia member schools cannot be “granted back” their allocation amount, but can access funds aligned to the Consortium Goals and Plan.

Member districts can access necessary forms and documents on the Consortium web page.