NWEA MAP Training

NWEA MAP Training  

In order to lower the cost of ongoing MAP data training for school districts, ESU 10 has funded facilitator training for Kelly Clapp, Jeff Janda, Denise O'Brien and Theresa Ritta-Olson to gain NWEA Certified Trainer status.  With this certification, Kelly, Jeff, Denise and Theresa have access to all NWEA training materials which we can use in providing training and support for teachers and administrators.  NWEA’s MAP Foundation Series trainings include Applying Reports, Assessment Literacy, Informing Instruction, and Focusing on Growth, all of which are available for facilitation in your district.


All workshop sessions must be scheduled 30 days in advance. For more information click here. To request a workshop, contact:

Kelly Clapp kelly.clapp@esu10.org

  Jeff Janda jjanda@esu10.org

  Denise O'Brien dobrien@esu10.org

  Theresa Ritta-Olson theresa.rittaolson@esu10.org