ESU 10 staff can provide the following supports:
º Overview of RCD process for staff and/or new teachers
º Work with individual teachers during planning periods to provide technical assistance
º Facilitate customization of units
 Online resources
º How-to Videos
· Accessing Documents on Schoology
· Overview scope and sequence documents
 Other support as requested

Curriculum Alignment

Curriculum work that will truly improve student learning takes time. We recommend:
 Allocating ample time for training and teacher work time, both in the summer and at least quarterly throughout the school year
 Tackling each component in small, manageable pieces with sufficient work time to complete each step before moving on to the next 

 Level 1
º Rule 10 Compliance
º Align curriculum to standards
º Identify gaps in alignment
· OPTIONAL: Create performance tasks to address gaps identified in alignment, create mini-lessons, etc.
º Least  amount of resources & teacher time required
 Level 2 - Level 1 outcomes PLUS:
º Become familiar with content standards
º Learn the Rigorous Curriculum Design (RCD) process
º Complete 2 steps of RCD process
· Unwrap Standards & create Graphic Organizer
· Plan engaging learning experiences (create performance tasks and/or mini-lessons to address gaps identified in alignment)
 Level 3 - previously listed outcomes PLUS:
º Complete additional steps of RCD process
· Identify key vocabulary
· Interdisciplinary connections
· 21st century learning skills
º Complete the unit organizer
Connect curriculum to current district initiatives (i.e. Adolescent Literacy project, 1-to-1)

For more information contact:  


Dallas Lewandowski
308-237-5927 ext. 243


Theresa Ritta-Olson
308-237-5927 ext. 237