Hosting Services

Hosting Services  

ESU 10 can now host servers for school districts in Nebraska with an additional option for our team to perform management on the hosted server as well. 

Hosting Services:
The primary hosting environment includes multiple servers in a compute cluster with redundant power supplies and redundant 10Gb network connections. A fast, resilient storage system provides an all-SSDs data store across multiple hosts. Another multiple host SSD cache-pool provides high-speed access to a backend disk platter system for larger volume storage. Each host's has multiple 10Gb connections to a pair of layer 3 switches and the firewall and routing services flow through a highly-available pair of firewalls into multiple wide-area connections on the Network Nebraska backbone.

A secondary hosting environment resides directly on Network Nebraska facilities with similar computing and storage capacities, but less redundancy in the equipment connections to maximize cost efficiencies. Image-based backup snapshots are created daily, weekly, and monthly and replicated to the off-site location for disaster preparedness.  Other application data backups are recommended and utilized when appropriate for the system being maintained.

Management services can be provided by utilizing the technical support agreement or bundling support hours with server hosting.  Managed services include regular application updates, storage for local and off-site data backups, regular OS updates and system monitoring and alerting.

For custom server workloads or storage needs, please contact us with specifications for a more detailed estimate.  

Some cost examples for server hosting include:

Active Directory hosting

  • Minimum specs - 1 vCPUs, 2 GB vRAM, 40 GB storage = $150 per year


PowerSchool Server Hosting* (district managed) 

(includes system snapshots and remote access for district tech contacts via a secure connection)
Combined App and DB Server for up to 3000 students

  • Minimum specs - 8 vCPUs, 24 GB vRAM, 160 GB storage = $770 per year
  • Recommended spec - 12 vCPUs, 32 GB vRAM, 350 GB storage = $1420 per year

Two Server Solution for 3,000 to 7,000 Students using recommended specs = $2300 per year
  • App Server - 12 vCPUs, 32 GB vRAM, 100 GB storage
  • DB Server - 12 vCPUs, 32 GB vRAM, 400 GB storage

*May require an active school district Microsoft agreement for server CALs

PowerSchool Server Management - $850 per year
Includes 10 hours of tech support time for setup and regular application updates, storage for local and off-site data backups, regular OS updates and system monitoring and alerting.  Management time beyond 5 hours will be billed at $85 per hour.