Application Hosting

Application Hosting  

ESU 10 provides application hosting for districts and other educational and government entities within our local datacenter. Some of these applications include:

Document Management service hosting the Laserfiche application for K12 schools only.
  • Laserfiche is an industry leading document management tool, bringing all of your documents into one place—quickly, easily and securely.  It can help bring organization to your document management, provide business process automation and records management.

 We offer two different services related to document management and Laserfiche:

  •   Licensing and hosting for the RIO product including Forms access 

  1st year costs = $1090 per user

  Annual Renewal = $225 per user

  •   Hosting only where annual user licensing is obtained from our partner Bishop Business

  Annual Cost $330 for one user

$660 for more than one user

Managed Website hosting using Drupal and WordPress for districts' websites.
  • Our WordPress hosting is popular for simple and advanced websites for use in districts, school organizations and for individual classroom teachers.
  • Drupal can also host simple and advanced websites and ESU 10 can provide this web hosting solution by partnering with the district to save money over other popular services.  We can custom develop the initial site to integrate with a district's user directory for access and permissions and help the district migrate other needed features into a new site.  Content will be migrated by the district. Security updates, feature development and data backups are handled by our team.

  • Monitoring services are provided using Paessler's PRTG Network Monitor application. Critical elements of a district's network can be monitored and alert notifications set up for key individuals.  An on-site monitoring device or software can be added into a local network to maintain performance metrics if a network outage occurs between the school and ESU 10.  The web application is hosted at ESU 10 and dashboard views can be developed for individual schools.  Proactive alerting and human notification can be requested as part of our managed services.

    ODIE suite of ESU and District related tools.

We have also developed web-based applications that we host for districts and other educational organizations.  You can find that list on our Application and Web Development page.