A Message from Dr. Bell

A Message from Dr. Bell  

April 16, 2018

I really do not mind those wonderful April showers that make the back yard burst into wonderful spring colors, but when it is all covered in a layer of wet, white snow – now that’s a different matter.  The poor geese are getting dizzy flying in circles trying to decide whether to head north or just go south and forget the whole migration thing for the year.  Mrs. Gwin, the ESU 10 Administrative Assistant, and I were finally putting the snow closure information in the file for another year to concentrate on tornado warnings, but it appears to be one of those years where it might snow on the state track meet in May!  Be sure to note that although the weather is tumultuous and ever changing one thing that never changes is the mission of ESU 10 as we “partner with stakeholders to meet changing needs through professional expertise in providing services, learning opportunities and support”.  

The end of this fiscal year at ESU 10 seems really strange to me.  It is normal operating protocol to finish up major goals and projects and then start putting short and long range goals into the budget projection hopper to keep things running seamlessly.  It has always been a challenge and a joy to secure funding and to mutually solve all of the problems that develop along the way as the fine staff at ESU 10 works diligently to complete their tasks and accomplish all of the current requirements of the proposed program of services.  

This year feels like planting an oak tree.  I’m planning for things I will never see grow to completion and someone else will be there to nurture and fertilize them.  This thought has really come to fruition in my mind as I have started working with my replacement, Dr. Melissa Wheelock.  It’s interesting to see what questions she asks.  It’s also interesting for me trying to explain things that have just become instinctual over the past twenty-four years.  This whole transition period has become a learning process for both of us.  It is my hope I can give her enough basic information so she can combine it with her own leadership abilities to drive this organization to the next level of service.      

One thing that will help us both is the information we have received from school visits using the SIMPL process.  This whole process continues to evolve and ESU 10 staff will be sharing information with school superintendents this month as we work to identify mutually achievable goals and develop systemic methods for growth.   

I guess this whole article can be summarized by a favorite statement that I hear often by my younger brother, Chuck.   He often times thinks he ranks right up there with some of the greatest philosophers of the ages.  He is forever telling me, “Wayne, it’s the same only different!”

For the first time ever – I think he might have good idea.  

Here’s hoping you have a productive April.