A Message from Dr. Bell

A Message from Dr. Bell  

June 29, 2017
It is time once again for ESU 10 staff to set their alarms for an earlier wake up time. Summer hours go into effect right after Memorial Day and extend through August 11th. The doors open at 7:30 AM and close at 4 PM during the summer. Staff takes a shorter lunch break and then has extra time in the afternoon for frivolous family fun and adventures – or whatever! I need to find my golf clubs and dust them.

Carol Smith, ESU 10 Marketing Director, has been tasked with putting the 2017 School Visit Executive Summary on the ESU 10 website for your edification and enjoyment. This is the condensed version of what staff members here plan to do to meet the needs brought forth during our visits. Specific school district request will get specific answers.  Money had been budgeted for this activity and staff will continue to work on this project throughout the year. Thank you to all school district personnel who took time to participate with us on this joint venture. It is very much appreciated and your frank comments are noteworthy.  

The AdvanceEd Accreditation Visit findings are in. The powerful practices attributed to ESU 10 were:
   •Agency staff are recognized for their strong commitment towards a continuous program of professional learning.
   •The ESU 10 Board of Education and Administrator are recognized for ensuring the leadership at all levels has the autonomy to meet goals for achievement and instruction and to maintain day-to-day operations effectively.
   •The agency staff members are recognized for their strong commitment towards a continuous program of professional learning that engages stakeholders in their learning.
   •ESU 10 provides a robust and progressive technological infrastructure and equipment to support the teaching, informational, and operational needs of the agency and the school districts it serves.

We will bask in the glory of those findings for now. In future articles I will share our opportunity for improvement and the three improvement priorities that were directed toward us. It is all good as we continue to “partner with stakeholders to meet changing needs through professional expertise in providing services, opportunities and support.”  

I would be remiss if I did not mention the members of the ESU 10 Unit Improvement Team which is so integral to our improvement effort. Kelly Clapp is the appointed leader of this group and she is joined by Valerie Gwin, Sue Rains, Jean Anderson, Denise O’Brien, Tobin Houlden, Karen Verraneault, Carol Smith, Mark Whitacre, Dianah Steinbrink, Jon Haussler, Ron Con, Jill Eickhoff, and Wayne Bell. This group has rich and deep conversations and is focused on action plans that yield results.  

Thank you for all of the support as another great fiscal year at ESU 10 ends. We look forward to even bigger and better things next year.