Explore Math and Science at ESU 10

Explore Math and Science at ESU 10  

December 21, 2016

On October 27th Chad Johnson from Nebraska Public Power District led teachers and students on an exploration of Pathways to a Technical Future. Participants learned how they could integrate workforce skills and technology into their current curriculum. The morning was spent modeling the six stages of the Pathways program, making connections to real world applications. In the afternoon teachers and students explored the STEM Connections Lab (portable makerspace).

Explore Math & Science in the 3-6 Classroom took place at ESU 10 on November 2nd. Area teachers spent the day experiencing math and science activities to enhance instruction and engagement in their class. We explored ways to use math manipulatives and games to improve number sense for all students. Jami Schaffnit took the teachers through a guided math experience that allowed teachers to collaborate with each other. In the afternoon Kelly Feehan and Katie Pekarek from the Nebraska Extension Office in Lincoln took the teachers through a science enrichment program called “We All Live in a Watershed”. They shared the Nebraska State Science Standards covered during in the program and the connections to other content area standards for teachers to integrate into their current curriculum. Teachers had the opportunity to be a student for the afternoon and participate in several lab experiments and activities. 

The last Explore Math & Science workshop for this year was held on November 15th. K-2 teachers got the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of hands-on math and science activities. In the morning we focused on instructional strategies to improve number sense skills. The afternoon was used to perform some STEM activities teachers can use to engage young, curious minds!

-by Dianah Steinbrink, T&L Coordinator