A Message From Dr. Bell

A Message From Dr. Bell  

September 19, 2016
The past few weeks have been entertaining as students and staff find the best routes to the new high school building in Kearney. I have witnessed the first fender bender and lengthy lines leading to stop signs. I just hope that the ESU 10 mission to partner with stakeholders to meet changing needs through professional service, learning opportunities and support is more focused and on target than the City of Kearney’s attempt to provide efficient and effective traffic flows! At least it looks like ESU 10’s current hours of operation from 8-5 will remain the same. 

Focusing on the future of Educational Service Unit 10 has been of paramount importance as we re-focus our efforts at the beginning of this new fiscal year. It appears that we will operate with the same level of property tax funding as last year to maintain the Program of Services. That should provide at least a bit of good news for our local taxpayers located in twenty-four counties. Less would be better for them, but the expectations and mandates from state and federal government entities and the needs of the wonderful school districts that we serve dictate a certain level of support.

This is also the year that ESU 10 participates in an AdvanceEd External Review Visit. The committee membership to come visit us in January has yet to be completed, but we are already working on identified areas of need in hopes that this committee can validate our efforts and, hopefully, offer us new and unique ways to improve. The chair of the group is coming to us from Ohio so that should be interesting.

Major thanks for the hard work in preparation of this visit goes out to Kelly Clapp, Teaching & Learning Coordinator, the Unit Improvement Team, and the four Priority Area Committee Leaders and Recorders. I’ll give them personal shout outs as the visitation gets closer. These seventeen individuals have done a yeoman job in sustaining the preparation effort for the evaluation of our continuous plan of improvement. Ms. Clapp deserves extra praise as she is the driving force for this entire effort. Thank you, Kelly.               

Here is hoping the start of the school year has been great for all of you. Please contact us if you have any support needs that will make your jobs easier or more fulfilling. Working with children is always a challenge. I have heard the definition somewhere that they are little Zen masters whose world is new and different in every moment. We hope to help you maintain your educational black belt as you fight the good fight of maximizing achievement opportunities for each of them.