A Message From Dr. Bell

A Message From Dr. Bell  

April 04, 2016
There is nothing better than a freaky little spring snow storm to slow things down enough to catch up with assigned tasks like writing a Connector article. The verdict is still out on my March Madness bracket this year but things are not looking good. You will probably get my sad results next month unless Dr. Roy Williams comes through for me.  
At least I can fight through my grief and focus on the wonderful ESU 10 mission: “To partner with stakeholders to meet changing needs through professional expertise in providing services, learning opportunities and support.” It appears after almost all of the school visits that the ESU 10 staff is doing their usual outstanding job of meeting school district needs. It appears that next year will also be a staff reloading year because of the number of new employees approved by the ESU 10 Board of Directors over the past few months.  It is always sad to lose quality, dedicated staff members. It is also heartening to discover new, talented individuals who will continue to drive the ESU 10 mission forward.     

The budget adoption cycle for 2016-17 is picking up steam. Whisper in a staff member’s ear if there any programs or services you would like to see happen at ESU 10. We already have some good suggestions that are being considered.  

ESU 10 recently got involved in the AESA (Association of Educational Service Agencies) Student Loan Forgiveness Program. I’m waiting for the latest figures, but as of March 7th , 277 employees from across the ESU 10 region have contacted the company. Of those, 176 met all of the criteria and are qualified for the program. This is exciting for us to help so many people deal with student loan debt. I can’t wait to see the final numbers for the year.  

I am also happy to report that another national AESA sponsored company, Citelighter, is moving forward in the ESU 10 region. This product is designed to make stronger writers, faster. It is purported to be the complete digital writing tool for more confident writers. Six ESU 10 school districts have expressed interest in the program and school district staff members will soon be trained as the initial Pilot School participants. More information will be shared later as we get reports from Burwell, Elm Creek, Litchfield, SEM, Shelton, and Wood River.

I will end this article with a random quote that I read this week that makes sense at this time of year. I don’t know who to attribute it to but it is said that there is only one time of the year where it is safe to put all of your eggs in one basket.

I hope you had a Happy Easter!