New Things We Learned...  

December 02, 2015

We strive to be as preschool students, excited for each new day of school, an open book soaking in all that the world has for us. At the end of each school day we would rush to the arms of our parents to share with them all of the exciting new information we have gathered at school today.

Each day we have the opportunity to grow in our “area of interest” or our “scope of expertise.” Sometimes these are revelations of changes in our world and other times they are inspirations of how we can change the world. Have you challenged yourself lately to find your “New things we learned...” and to grow in your area of interest?

In the ESU 10 Studio our interest is obviously in the rapid changes to the world of video. Ponder these changes:
  • Physical media (CD & DVD) is quickly fading from the scene.
  • Large cameras have been replaced by cell phone cameras.
  • Our primary news source is now live on the Internet rather than from the 6News on television.
  • Post Cards & Letters have transformed into Email, Text Messages and PM (Private Message) and now they can include pictures and video of the story. In fact, many are just visual media with no text.
  • Sharing information and ideas through Social Media has removed the barriers of only communicating with those close around us and we don’t have to “wait our turn” to talk.

So do we quit writing letters and throw out our fancy cameras?

To everything there is a time and a season. There are changes taking place in how we communicate and yet there are still proven methods of telling a story to which we cling. Our purpose as educators is to help our students recognize the times & methods that are appropriate for each story. Our desire is to help them experience a complete world and we are doing them an injustice if we boycott one side or the other.

Cell phone cameras have not replaced the need for high quality studio video cameras but there is an opportunity for the blending of the two sources. You need to define your audience and your needs for the final product. 

  • Most media delivery is now moving to the cloud but many people still find archiving material they have created desirable. Until Disney totally abandons selling movies on DVD, you might not throw out your media player but the time is coming.
  • Anyone that watches TV knows the changes that are taking place and if you ask the US Postal Service they will confirm that the mail volume is declining. Still your grandma loves getting a letter from you, so don’t neglect her.

Where are you and your school in the spectrum of video resources and recordings? Do you have a video editing class or do a weekly school news report? Perhaps you stream your schools sporting events or maybe you just make a recording of your students once a year doing a one act play in the corner of your classroom. 

You have a story to tell and other educators can benefit from the lessons you have learned. If you have any interest in the use of video recording in education, please contact me ( so we can talk about your program and your needs. 

Be an educator that, like our preschool children, is eager to share “The new things we’ve learned…..”

-by William Bolen, Videographer