Lifesize Cloud  

November 27, 2015

You may have been hearing a lot about Lifesize Cloud, the video conferencing solution purchased with RUS grant funds. These video conferencing solutions allows us to connect in a myriad of ways. At a minimum, a user only needs a phone to connect to a person or virtual room. Users can also just use the Google Chrome browser and connect as a guest or registered user with most of the same capabilities as the desktop client. There is also a desktop client for users using Macs or PCs with some upgraded functionality. Some users like to stay mobile and so the mobile app is a perfect fit for wherever you may be. We also have many codecs or H.323 room or cart systems that work nicely.

As we progress, we have 1,100 licenses for teachers and administrators to use. The flexibility of these video conferencing solutions allows us to have one on one meetings or the ability to facilitate meetings with multiple users. Teachers can connect with virtual field trip providers in Nebraska and from around the globe. Administrators can host or attend meetings without having to leave their district and waste valuable windshield time. The athletic director may want to stream the football game to those who can’t make it. The applications of use are only limited to the creativity of the person behind the keyboard.

As we continue to put the tool in more and more hands, we start growing the knowledge base and resources educators have to make valuable connections for either the office or the classroom. Over the next months and years we are expanding the use and making more and more connections possible to grow deeper knowledge and richer relationships with those we connect with. Stay tuned for more on Lifesize cloud and how it impacts our educators and students.

by Jason Everett, Distance Learning