I Did It My Way  

May 01, 2015
The title of this article was a classic hit song that was published before many of today’s classroom teachers were born. It still rings a sentiment of bold, stay-the-course and sometimes defiant choices we make in life. Each of us has a story to tell about the choices we have made and the paths we have traveled because of those decisions. Encouraging students to tell their story or the story of others is empowering and helps them see the world from a different viewpoint. Using video to tell that story can bring education to life in ways we cannot imagine. 

People love to tell their personal stories of times and circumstances into which they have been cast; situations they had no control over and choices they made while in those situations. What a wonderful opportunity for students to learn about life choices by capturing those stories and sharing them with the world. 

Video is not about recording but rather about telling a story. The person behind the camera needs to set the mood; look at the surroundings, listen to the sounds in the background, and study the light. In telling someone’s story you are creating a picture of their life; what a powerful lesson for children to learn.

There are lessons of: respect for others and their property, methods and creativity, life and choices. On standardized tests there is usually one right answer, in life there are many paths both right and wrong. Video storytelling can help students reflect on the choices others have made while they think about their own lives.

In the studio we create a world that, while not perfect, can cover up many of the presenters mistakes. We add music and color where it doesn’t exist to make the world seem brighter and more inviting. Information is displayed on the screen to make it easier to follow the presenter’s train of thought. We make everything look interesting and fun and we challenge our students to take a similar path.

As a videographer, I relate closely with my grandchildren: tell the story, keep it simple and fun, enjoy the music and finally…. remember that coloring outside the lines can makes life more interesting.  If you have questions of how to get started with having students create video stories, email me and we will explore the journey together. 

Click here to view a collage of video segments from some of our recent studio stories. Till next time… Choose wisely and enjoy the journey.

-by William Bolen, Videographer