Edwin Johnson Retires From ESU 10 Board  

February 10, 2015

Edwin Johnson, former Agriculture Education teacher, recently retired from the ESU 10 Board of Directors after serving 25 years. When we asked Edwin to reflect on some of the biggest changes and highlights he experienced during his tenure on the board he had many thoughts:

  • The importance of the move to the new building cannot be underestimated. The move and additions have allowed us to continue to change and innovate as needs have come.
  • The programs and services that have been offered have also changed as technology has also changed. The disappearance of the huge library of films, filmstrips, and overhead transparencies is an example of change. In the 70’s that was a very important source of information for teachers. It has been replaced with new and better accessibility through the technology we have today. I wonder what changes we will see in the next 10 years.
  • The Information Technology department involvement with schools has increased over the years. This hopefully has made us better known and made the schools willing to accept our help and expertise. In the more recent years the involvement of Staff Development with the schools has also changed. From a one-day workshop to year long in-school involvement has been a major change.
  • The changes in personnel also have been interesting to observe and be a part of. The atmosphere set by administrators and response by staff has been one that I have admired over the years. That has made ESU 10 a place that can attract high quality candidates. I have especially enjoyed the presentations that have been given by various staff members. To feel their enthusiasm, care for teachers and students, and the professionalism is great. It also helps me keep up on all the acronyms that get used in education.
  • The change from three separate departments to the overlapping cooperation that has emerged is great.
  • Working with and getting to know board members through the years has been an important part of being on the board. The interest and dedication of each one has been exceptional.
  • Personally the confidence of the board electing me president was a highlight of my time on the board. One of the more interesting events was breaking 3 tie votes at the first meeting I served as president.

Edwin and his wife Dona reside in Arnold, Nebraska and are spending much of the winter months in Tucson, Arizona enjoying hiking and the warm weather. ESU 10 would like to thank Edwin for his many years of service and wish you well in sunny Arizona.