Continuous School Improvement and AQuESST  

December 17, 2015

Each fall, the Teaching and Learning Department offers continuous school improvement technical assistance days for member schools. In the month of November, we facilitated three separate days that include an informational session, followed by direct consultation to school teams. Each school team worked together to discuss the progress of the school district’s continuous improvement efforts and plan for upcoming training and implementation of action plan strategies. 

Over the last few years, participation in the technical assistance days has increased as more schools seek consultation and support of their local continuous improvement process. The regional approach to technical assistance has been successful as it has enabled school teams to monitor progress and problem solve; engaging Teaching and Learning department members as questions arise.  
This year school improvement teams will have another resource accessible to them, the new AQuESTT framework, in particular the Evidence Based Analysis their school administrators completed and submitted to NDE. This Evidence Based Analysis is a reflective assessment tool that focuses on the policies and practices of the school district that align to the six tenets of AQuESTT. Due to the fact that this framework is so new, we will spend some time explaining it to school teams before they begin their team work session.  

The continuous school improvement technical assistance days are just one of the many strategies we are using to build and maintain relationships with administrators and teachers. Time spent listening and providing support is how we invest in and serve our schools.

-by Kelly Clapp, Teaching and Learning Coordinator