Commitment to Excellence  

July 06, 2015
I would like to thank ESU 10 for an internship opportunity that has helped me grow as an educator as well as a leader. Through working with the Teaching & Learning Department, one area I was able to expand my knowledge of was the Continuous Improvement Process. 

The Teaching & Learning Department uses many helpful tools to help schools find their vision and commit to that vision through the use of data study.  One great resource is Data Analysis for Continuous School Improvement by Victoria L. Bernhardt. I had the opportunity to read this book throughout my internship.

The book is a call to action to help schools and districts commit to excellence through the use of data analysis.This commitment to school improvement occurs through the teaching of every teacher and the learning of all students. The call to action happens in a way that schools cannot focus on compliance or only one area of student learning. When schools focus only on a small group of students, the other students do not benefit. (Bernhardt, 2013)

Instead of focusing on one area of improvement, Bernhardt wants schools to be dedicated to their work and vision. Schools committed to using comprehensive data analysis to continuously improve their organization are able to blend creativity with discipline to create their future. (Bernhardt, 2013) Bernhardt provides timelines, tools, inventories, and leadership strategies for schools and districts to become progressive and effective learning systems. 

Through my time spent with the ESU 10 staff, I have learned how committed the Teaching & Learning Department is to their vision as well as helping their schools find and follow their vision. These fine people truly strive for what is best for students and schools and they demonstrate that through the work they do on a daily basis.

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--by Becky Meyer, Teaching & Learning Intern, Doane College Educational Leadership