Celebrating Success  

January 26, 2015
On Friday, November 21st ESU 10 hosted a 3D Printer Training for thirteen Career & Technical Education (CTE) teachers representing ten school districts. This training was a great success on many levels. The ESU 10 Perkins Consortium recently purchased a 3D printer for member schools to utilize in Career Education courses. This piece of equipment is some of the latest technology that can create three dimensional objects by extruding molten plastic. Depending on the size and complexity of the design, this printer can create an object in as little as an hour or larger objects in several hours.

The training was led by Centura Public School’s AG teacher, John Hadenfeldt in partnership with ESU 10’s Nate McClenahan and Mark Hellman. The morning of the training was spent instructing the teachers on potential uses for the 3D printer and available software and resources for designing objects to be created. The teachers spent time researching pre-made designs and making their own designs, while sharing ideas for classroom applications and curriculum connections. Once each teacher completed his/her object design, he/she received hands-on training in how to operate the 3D printer and begin printing. 

According to Crain’s New York Business online magazine, the size of the global 3D printing market is projected to be six billion by 2017. In order to expose ESU 10 students to this new technology and prepare them with the skills needed for this fast growing market, CTE teachers will continue to be trained and given access to the Perkins Consortium 3D printer on a rotational basis. The 3D printer is just one of the pieces of equipment purchased with Perkins funds that could not be afforded by local districts otherwise. The consortium also owns two laser engravers that are accessible on a rotational basis.

Putting this type of equipment into the hands of CTE teachers and students is helping school districts provide the rigor and relevance needed to prepare the workforce of the future. The partnership and collaboration between classroom teachers and both the ESU 10 Teaching & Learning and Network Information Systems Department has made this possible – an exciting and effective blending of technology and classroom application. Truly something to celebrate!

-Kelly Clapp, Teaching and Learning Coordinator