Buffett Early Childhood Institute Meets at ESU 10  

August 26, 2015
Samuel Meisels, Founding Executive Director of The Buffett Early Childhood Institute, recently met with area Early Childhood professionals, Kearney Public Schools, and Kearney community leaders at ESU 10. The Buffett Early Childhood Institute wants to make Nebraska the “best place to be a baby,” and Meisels stated that their mission is “to transform the lives of young, at-risk children by improving their learning and development.” The Institute makes use of the interdisciplinary resources and research of the four University of Nebraska campuses and works with schools, agencies, community partners, and policy makers to implement and support high-quality, evidence-based services, programs, and policies for young children and their families.

“The early years are truly the most important of our life. This is the time when brain development takes place and when lessons are learned that will have a long-term impact. One of our goals is to help prepare children so they are ready to enter kindergarten,” said Meisels. The Buffett Institute aims to improve the lives of children by enhancing the quality of educators working with children and by providing more resources and information to at-risk families to reduce the achievement gap between at-risk children and their peers.

While Meisels wanted to inform people about the Buffett Early Childhood Institute, he also wanted them to know that the institute is available to help them inform the wider community of the importance of early childhood education.