Back to School with Teaching and Learning  

November 30, 2015

Our schools are all back in session for the year and the ESU 10 Teaching & Learning Department is looking forward to a busy year providing support to each of them. T&L coordinators have been working hard to continue offering quality workshops and services, and have even added a few new offerings.

September started off with The Academic Literacy Project (ALP), formerly known as the Adolescent Literacy Project. While the content will essentially stay the same, the name was changed so that we could include all grade level teachers in the project. The T&L department offered the Year 1 training to Grade 4-12 teachers on September 3, while K-3 teachers attended on September 10. We are thrilled to be able to sustain this successful project and include more teachers!

Later in the semester we will host Technology Integrationist and Instructional Coaches Cadre meetings, Strategic Leadership training on instructional models, and a “Getting Acquainted with New Math Standards” workshop. New teachers will be back at ESU 10 for the third day of the New Teacher Academy on October 6. ALP for Year 2, Dibels Deep training for reading teachers and the Science Teacher Network will also take place in October.

The building will continue to be filled with teachers and administrators in the month of November. There will be several Continuous Improvement Process support and training days, APL Instructional Strategies training and the Fall Analytical Scoring of Student Writing.

In addition to all of the meetings and workshops facilitated at ESU 10, the T&L coordinators can be found visiting classrooms for ALP Learning Walks, providing training at school sites and working with Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) teams in districts. Several of us are also presenting at various conferences this fall, such as NETA’s Fall Ed Tech Conference, ESU 11’s Fall Conference and Nebraska Academy of Sciences.

-by Peg Coover, Teaching and Learning Coordinator