A Message From Dr. Bell  

December 08, 2015

The season of giving is once again upon us. On the negative side of my world, I was gifted with four resignation letters that take affect during this Christmas holiday. We normally never lose people at this time of the year, but these individuals all decided it was time to move on to their next life challenges. All in all, these four individuals have given ESU 10 ninety-one years of quality service. Graci Gillming – 22 years as a Network Information Services and Teaching & Learning Coordinator, Gaylene Mays - 23 years as a Teaching and Learning Secretary, Susan Sandoval – 32 years as the Network Information Services Media Information Specialist, and John Stritt – 14 years as the Distance Learning Coordinator will all be missed on a personal and professional level.  They have all been excellent representatives for this organization and their participation made us better. A retirement reception will be held at ESU 10 in their honor from 2-4:30 PM on Friday, December 11, 2015. Cards and letters for any and all of these individuals can be sent to Jody Suchan at the ESU 10 address. I’m sure the retirees would appreciate any of the wonderful thoughts you have about them and at least one – and he will remain anonymous – would always welcome large cash donations! I would like to take this moment to extend my personal thanks to all of these individuals who have worked tirelessly “To partner with stakeholders to meet changing needs through professional expertise in providing services, learning opportunities and support”.  Seeing great people leave our employ is always sad, but now we will be searching for new faces to meet the ever evolving challenges.

It’s not often that I highlight an individual from another ESU, but I would like to recognize the most recent accomplishment of Dr. Jeff West, Administrator of ESU 13 located in Scottsbluff.  Jeff has just been elected as the President-Elect of the Association of Educational Service Agencies Executive Council. This group serves 553 service agencies in 45 states. He is the first Nebraskan to ever be elected to this position. It is quite an honor for him and Nebraska.  He will represent us in fine fashion.           

Most of the ESU 10 staff will be off for the Christmas and New Year break beginning December 23rd. We officially come back to work on January 4th. Certain staff will be tasked with keeping all of the systems up and running during this time. Also, this staff is a dedicated bunch and most, if not all, will be checking their messages during the holiday.  My hope is that they will enjoy their time with friends and family, but we all understand if needs pop up over this time we will do what we can to be of service. We hope all of you can enjoy a winter hiatus as well. 

I have been doing a little research since this is the time of year for resolutions. Of course I turned to one of the eminent publications of our time for information. Some of the predictions shared in the Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Colossal Collection of “Quotable Quotes” by the Bathroom Readers’ Institute made me cautious about making my own predictions this year. A few examples are:
•  X-rays will prove to be a hoax – Lord Kelvin, physicist, 1896
•  No flying machine will ever fly from New York to Paris – Orville Wright, 1908
•  They’ve got their own groups. What are we going to give them that they don’t already have – Paul McCartney, shortly before the Beatles arrived in the United States.
•  Television won’t be able to hold on to any market it captures after the first six months. People will soon get tired of staring at a plywood box every night – Darryl E. Zanuck, head of 20th Century Fox, 1946

Since these thoughts make me leery, I’ll save my predictions for the first “Connector” article in 2016.

Happy Holidays!