A Message From Dr. Bell  

January 15, 2015
The year has started with a bang - literally. Work is still being completed on the building remodel project but the end is in sight. That is good because staff has worked around the mess as they prepare for spring and summer work. We will not miss the sights, sounds, and SMELLS delivered to us on a daily basis, but it brings joy to an administrator’s heart as I watch the camaraderie that has developed as departments occupy new spaces within the building. This is such a dedicated group and I am lucky to be associated with them.

It is an exciting time at ESU 10. We are also preparing for the next round of school visits and the school district superintendents will soon be getting information about that process. We plan to visit sites that have newer administrators and will give all other school districts that have more seasoned leadership the option of an on-site visit or an interactive distance learning opportunity. Either option works for us as we work to gather more information in hopes of serving each of you better.

ESU 10 has applied for AdvanceEd certification and is waiting for approval of a readiness visit. It has been awhile since all of the information was submitted so I am starting to wonder if they already realize what a wonderful organization this is and are just waiting to sign the accreditation document! Well, at least I can dream can‘t I? We know there are things we can do to consistently improve and look forward to actuating positive change.

This is also the time of year to start monitoring legislative actions being considered in Lincoln. Please do your part in this process. There are many new faces in leadership positions that could use your comments and expertise. Take the time to make a difference. I’m sure I will be spending time in Lincoln because there are huge projects being formulated statewide to improve education for all Nebraska children. One thing that will be needed is funding to make things happen. We can’t do the extra necessary things for improvement with current funding. The old adage of doing more with less is becoming a greater fallacy each time schools are saddled with more requirements. The acquisition of additional funding will be a difficult proposition, but the effort must be made in the face of increased opposition of current tax policies.  

One thing is for sure – all educational professionals should never be bored with the myriad of challenges that face each of us. The good thing about all of this is that your efforts are worth it as we maximize learning opportunities for students. Many hands make light work so I hope we can all find common ground to push the bar even higher in Nebraska.