Teaching and Learning Department: A New Beginning  

September 08, 2014
I would like to take a moment to introduce you to the newest department at ESU 10. The Teaching and Learning Department was created on July 1, 2014 and is a combination of the former Professional Development Department, members of the existing Network and Information Systems Department , and a few brand new faces to ESU 10. Our department was created to be a model for ESUs and school districts across the state of Nebraska. The task is to blend traditional professional learning with technology integration in schools.
Throughout this first year, we will be focused on building relationships within our team, other ESU 10 departments, and ESU 10 school districts. We are currently in the process of creating our vision and redesigning how we serve ESU 10 schools. In the past, we have sent out professional development coordinators and technology trainers in isolation. We did not always help our schools see the connection between traditional professional development and technology training. One of our main tasks is to model the use of technology in all of our trainings so teachers can see examples of how technology can be seamlessly implemented into their classrooms.

The department is currently developing our common language for how we are going to provide prod­ucts and services to our schools . Our guide and overarching umbrella is the continuous improvement process. We are striving to model how the problem solving process connects our work and provides us direction for future endeavors.

As a team, we are focused on making a difference for our ESU 10 colleagues, administrators, teachers, and schools. We are committed to excellence and providing the highest quality products and services to our schools. The ESU 10 Teaching and Learning Department members will continue to challenge ourselves to learn new knowledge and skills to assist our schools in improving student learning.

-by Denise O'Brien, Teaching and Learning Director