Production Studio Notes  

October 16, 2014
The creation of the Teaching and Learning Department has opened up exciting new opportunities for us to create training videos that will help reinforce workshop information. These videos will be designed to help teachers better utilize good practice techniques in their classrooms. The first round of these workshop recordings will take place this month with January as a goal to start sharing the information with teachers and administrators.

Another adventure that the department has embarked on is linking video biographies of each T&L member to staff pages on the ESU 10 website. These are not currently complete but you can view some of them by clicking here and then on individ­ual staff  pictures.

Safari Montage

We are again taking steps to migrate our video training library to Safari Montage. A year ago we played with the idea but other projects put the changeover on a temporary hold. This is an exciting change that will allow us to better serve our teachers and school districts by allowing teachers to quickly find additional supplemental ma­terials. The process will take time to prefect but will be well worth the effort.


With summer now behind us, requests are again starting to come in to help support the work of our Special Education Depart­ment and with schools that need help with recording different programs. We are also getting more requests now for help from schools that are wanting to start video programs at their schools and those that are needing help with video issues. This is an exciting time of year.

- by William Bolen, ESU 10 Video Production