Principal Leadership Series  

November 19, 2014
Research has established that among school factors influencing learning, leadership is second only to instruction (Leithwood, Louis, Anderson, & Wahlstrom, 2004). There are Five Key Practices of Effective Principals as identified by this Wallace Foundation research:

•  Shaping a vision of academic success for all students
•  Creating a climate hospitable to education
•  Cultivating leadership in others
•  Improving instruction
•  Managing people, data, and processes to foster school improvement

ESU 10 is committed to providing high quality professional learning for building principals as they are instrumental to the effectiveness of schools. Annually, ESU 10 designs professional learning opportunities for regional PK-12 building principals that align to the Five Key Practices of Effective Principals and the Nebraska Principal Performance Framework. Opportunities include:

•  Training in instructional strategies and providing feedback
•  Updates on State, Federal, and ESU Initiatives
•  Opportunities for sharing and collaboration with peer administrators
•  Guest panels/speakers highlighting examples of best practice
•  Dialogue and problem solving concerning current and emerging educational trends
•  Book studies

The first meeting of the 2014-15 Principal Leadership Series was held on September 29th. Building Principals in attendance spent the day engaged in professional dialogue about Key Practice #1: Shaping a vision of academic success for all students. They shared examples of current practices in their buildings and set goals for future actions they wish to implement in support of vision. The book, The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon was selected for a book study between meetings. Feedback from Principals at the conclusion of the day indicated they found the content and activities beneficial. Most importantly, they look forward to continued opportunities to discuss and share ideas about how to best meet educational challenges.

In November, the Principal Leadership Series continues with a focus on Key Practice #2: Creating a climate hospitable to education. This meeting will be held at the Mid Plains Community College Campus in Broken Bow as we continue the regionalized meeting site approach begun last year.

Leithwood, K., Louis, K. S., Anderson, S., & Wahlstrom, K. (2004). How leadership influences student learning. New York: The Wallace Foundation.

-by Kelly Clapp, Teaching and Learning Coordinator