ESU 10 Receives USDA Grant  

December 11, 2014
Educational Service Unit 10 was recently awarded a grant totaling $126,989 under the 2014 Distance Learning and Telemedicine Grant Program administered by the Rural Utilities Service. Through the grant, ESU 10 in partnership with ESU 11 and 38 rural school districts located throughout central Nebraska will enhance the education available to central Nebraska’s rural students through the integration of a telecommunications network. The 38 School Districts in 19 counties offers over 33,125 rural student’s quality instruction and experiences to support their continued advancement within the educational system and in the workforce. “As technology has evolved, so has our way of communicating, even within schools. No longer are schools simply a building in a district,” said John Stritt, Distance Learning Coordinator for ESU 10. “We have the ability now to share beyond those borders and provide new and enriching activities for students as a result of these grants.”

This is the third USDA Telemedicine Grant that ESU 10 has received on behalf of the ESU 10 and ESU 11 distance learning schools. The total of the three grants is just over $1 million dollars.

Maxine Moul, Nebraska USDA Executive Director, presented the award and stated, “Quality education and top technology for bringing education to rural students is important to USDA Rural Development. We are pleased that ESU 10 received the distance learning grant that will help to bring enhanced learning environments to the students and community members.”