Nebraska K-12 Digital Citizenship Symposium  

October 05, 2014
23 school teams are registered for the 2014 Nebraska K-12 Digital Citizenship Symposium on October 14, 2014 which will be held simultaneously at three locations in Nebraska: ESU 10, ESU 7 and ESU 17. Seventeen of those teams will be at ESU 10.

The 2014 theme is Digital Citizenship: Be a Leader Worth Following. Experts on Digital Citizenship will share real-life stories, current statistics and the critical reasons why Digital Citizenship must be taught in school as well as provided as an outreach to the community. By the end of the day, each team will have devised a timeline and plan of action for sharing digital citizenship information with their peers at school as well as to the community at large.

Guest speakers include Sally Ganem – the First Lady of Nebraska, Karen Hasse – Educational lawyer from Lincoln, Ashley Berry – Teen Advocate for Anti-bullying from Littleton CO, and Trooper Bill Price – Nebraska State Patrol at Norfolk. Ashley, just a freshman this year, was bullied in middle school and has turned a negative situation into a positive one. 

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