Change By Design – Part II  

January 10, 2014

Last month I highlighted some of the leadership applications I gleaned from the book, Change By Design, written by Tim Brown. In his book, Brown offers many strategies that can be used by organizations to promote change through innovation. Below you will read about two more leadership applications.

Leadership Application: Develop an environment where people know they can experiment, take risks, and explore the full range of their abilities.
• Promote a culture that rewards people for success but gives them permission to fail
• Consider all ideas, not just those of a select few
• Make it safe for everyone to contribute ideas
• Create the structures necessary to promote experimentation
• Question current reality and generate alternatives

Leadership Learning: Navigating the process to determine the “right” change for people is important. However, it is even more important to determine the “right” process to engage people as change navigators.

Design thinking taps into the capacity of people. The evolving stories of people- their needs, their ideas, their resources, their environments, and the relationship between those factors are continual loops that provide valuable feedback that we must pay attention to.
• Put people first
• Ideation. Seek divergent viewpoints
• Imagination. Find ways for people to be connecting, merging, imagining, generating
• Implementation. Match human needs (overt and covert) with resources

-by Kelly Clapp, Professional Development Coordinator