Career Resources in Nebraska  

March 10, 2014
Out of a growing need for developing a career ready workforce in Nebraska, the Departments of Labor and Economic Development in partnership with the Department of Education have created several new resources for educational and public use.

The H3 website warehouses the most current information regarding high wage, high demand, and high skill occupations in Nebraska. This resource provides teachers, students and their parents, economic developers, and community leaders with specific jobs that are paying at or above the median wage, the number of annual openings, and the projected growth rate for such jobs. All of these facts can be a huge help for career seekers and those who make career trend decisions. The website can also be searched by region in Nebraska. The H3 website can be found by accessing this link:

Another new resource is the Nebraska Virtual Field trips Organized by the Nebraska Career Clusters, the virtual field trips highlight Nebraska-based industries including interviews with business representatives discussing education levels, work requirements, potential salaries, and job prospects. Currently, there are virtual field trips from the following career clusters and Nebraska businesses, with more to be added soon:

Information Technology – Mid America Computer Corporation, Hudl, and Yahoo!
Transportation and Logistics - Brown Transfer, Werner Enterprises, and Cash-Wa
Manufacturing – Metal Quest, Chief Buildings, and Becton Dickinson
Architecture and Construction – Clark Enersen and Kiewit

-by Kelly Clapp, Professional Development Coordinator