A Message From Dr. Bell  

April 02, 2014
The philosophical question for the day is if March came in like a lion and left like a lion what foreboding is that for April? I’m afraid all of our curious minds will discover that answer soon enough. I just know that my solar powered brain cells are starting to lose their charge!

The journeys to all of the school districts have been completed. ESU 10 is now in possession of a 77 page document that resulted from fruitful conversations between school district and ESU 10 personnel. The next challenge is already being addressed as to how to use, display, cache, and mine this information to provide positive support as “Educational Service Unit 10 partners with our customers to meet changing needs through professional expertise, training, and support.”

As it is for all of you, this is the time of year to crescendo toward the successful completion of goals while beginning the process of securing staff and resources for another fiscal year. Things tend to get a bit confusing in April and May, but I am fortunate to work with a fantastic staff of professionals who make this process manageable. There are many new and improved programs to be shared with you during the months to come. Some outdated or unused programs are on their way to the scrap pile. New staff will be filtering in to replace those retiring or moving to new opportunities. Budgets are being created and discussed that will efficiently and effectively operate the approved Program of Services. My stockpile of antacids and aspirin has been replenished – so let the games begin!

I had the opportunity to attend the 2014 Nebraska Rural Community Schools Association Spring Conference. Jon Habben and his conference planning crew did another excellent job. I can remember serving in that planning capacity about 30 years ago and know it is no easy task to assemble an outstanding conference. I enjoyed watching personnel from school districts served by ESU 10 presenting at Select-a-Sessions. It especially pleases me when I can tell that our service to them made a positive difference. I also enjoyed the keynote speakers and picked up nuggets from each of them. Matt Blomstedt, NDE Commissioner of Education, brings good qualities to the position and has ties to this region of the state. All ESUs will continue to work with NDE staff to provide more coordinated services to school districts.

On a sad note, March was also the month where we lost a longtime, and personal, friend to education. Russ Inbody, senior administrator of the NDE Finance and Organization Services Team. He was someone known and respected by school administrators. I’ll miss Russ. The emergency telephone number to his desk will probably always be burned into my memory as he answered my endless budget questions and just laughed with me at my initial ineptitude. I just hope I can provide the quality of service to others that he provided to me.

Enough! It’s time to head out the door past the shivering robins in search of spring. Best wishes to all of you as you deliver quality educational opportunities to your students and communities.