A Message From Dr. Bell  

November 07, 2014
I turned on the television at the motel the morning after our arrival back in the states and saw the breaking news stories about the Ebola outbreak. Normally that would not have been of great concern to me, but the reporters were at the Washington D.C. Dulles and Frankfurt, Germany airports. Those two airports just happened to be the last two legs of the journey home. I‘ve had just about all of the excitement I can handle for a few weeks. 

So what does all of this have to do with ESU 10 and its Program of Services as we “partner with our customers to meet changing needs through professional expertise, training, and support?” Nothing really except to point out that life is an adventure. That’s how I have felt almost every day for twenty years as I have been privileged to work with extraordinary people here at ESU 10. There are always new educational frontiers to explore to better meet student needs. Let us know where we can best fit in to help you as you also move forward with your quests. This staff is always looking for ways to improve performance.

You will find the ESU 10 Annual Written Program Report in this Connector. Please take the time to glance at that report to see the many and varied programs that are available as resources for you and your school districts. Don’t hesitate to access current programs or to request something different for the future. We like challenges here and problem solving is a staff forte. 

Thank you for your dedication to teaching and children.