A Message From Dr. Bell  

June 26, 2014
We just completed the ESU 10, 2014 May All Staff Meeting. Once again I was thoroughly impressed with the quality and dedication of the staff employed here.  Through the leadership efforts of the retiring Bob Lungrin and his heirs apparent, Kelly Clapp and Emily Jameson, staff members completed a Group Data Protocol that will further the ESU 10 Continuous Improvement Process. Detailed information is now ready for the Priority Area Committees to move forward when we meet in August. It is just a pleasure to watch all of these people work as they attempt to find better ways to “partner with our customers to meet changing needs through professional expertise, training, and support.”

It is about time to get the summer started. This time of year is always a re-birth or planting time for the ESU 10 Program of Services. The seeds get planted and the resources are applied to nourish them. The budget for next year is almost completed and I see new faces wandering around the building as resigning and retiring personnel are replaced. We will really miss our absent colleagues, but the new staff members will bring a new perspective to the organization. The big difference over the past few years is that we plant more perennials than annuals. There is still a need to deliver services that meet short term identified needs. A greater need though has developed to create great perennial programs that become systemic and only need the continued resources and the pruning expertise from both providers and users to help them develop to a bumper harvest.

My goodness! I can see that Mr. Analogy, Bob Lungrin, has had an effect on me.   

The morning started with participants parading down the hall to the Nebraska Public Employees Retirement System Planning Seminar. Since I did not join the parade I had better get to work. The ESU 10 Board of Directors has graciously allowed me another year of employment. There is much to accomplish at ESU 10. Please continue to let us know what we can do to better serve your school districts. Our focus is on serving you.

Now it is time for me to MBWA to see where all of the staff is working today. The summer period brings great variety around here. Some days this building is packed to the rafters. Other days I need to search for a live body because everyone is out serving schools in some manner. Here’s a quick reminder for all of you, we are now on summer hours so the building hours are from 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM.      

Here’s hoping you all have a great summer hiatus and I’ll get back to my ramblings in the fall. Thank you for all that you do for students.